Sky-Tag®: MINI

The ultimate tracking device which ensures you never have an uh-oh moment again. Tracks your keys, luggage, cards, and passport.
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Water-proof anti-lost locator


  • IP67 waterproof
  • Smallest tracker on the market at 2.3cm x 1.7cm x 0.3cm 
  • Will "Ring" and notify you of your missing item once 20 feet away from the item
  • It pairs with our free Skyborne app 
  • Finds and locates your valuables via a Bluetooth tracking system 
  • Compatible with the following Skyborne products:  iTravel MINI®, iTravel Folio 3.0®, Hyde N Keys®
  • Replaceable battery 
  • Three-year standby time 
  • Adopts ultrasonic sealing
  • Multi-use for your keys, wallet, passport, pets, and any other important items

The Sky-tag mini features a solid construction and is designed to last. With IP67 waterproof exterior its also durable and functions in all conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5568 reviews
Ethel Bush
Ever have lost luggage? Friendly Flight Attendant Review

I bought these to track luggage. I had an airline lose my luggage for 5 days. Was eventually plopped on my front porch by Fed Ex but was most stressful experience. Even with their barcodes they couldn’t track. Turns out my bag never left France and it was rerouted through Germany then to me in the US. I didn’t connect through Germany!Bought these for this trip and did absolutely nothing to them. They immediately came up on my itravel folio as “Find my.”So now that I am very apprehensive to check a bag but I was forced to do so in Vienna (horrible airport by the way and if you ever have to connect leave at least 4 hours in between flights) because they allow only 1 bag and even carry on must be a certain weight. No choice. Had to go. I had bought the waterproof plastic cases (from Skyborne , of course) for these with a clip and attached in inside of my luggage.,I didn’t set it to any “mode.” I’m the least tech savvy person there is.So was extremely worried when they took my bag for 5 hours. I was tracking it along the way from a good distance and up until the very last minute I could see it was loaded on. When waiting for bag could tell was getting closer to my backpack which was with me, What a huge relief! No more stranded bag sitting in a dark room somewhere, lonely, and missing me. Got to the airport and there was my bag on carousel. IT MADE IT. I could see every move throughout those 5 hours so knew they were transferring it to my next flight,Very highly recommend, especially for travelers.These were so worth it to have piece of mind. I bought 2 as used one for backpack., I don’t know how far they trace but I have read it can trace anywhere. Won’t give precise location but gives general area. Would very highly recommend.Work as international flight attendant and will be using these in my crew luggage as well as keeping a coiled lock to lock bags together in overhead bin to keep from wandering off.Definitely highly recommend as well as the waterproof cases they come in with clips or can attach to keychain or something else.* For those saying can not attach it to anywhere are many variants of holders that can allow you to attach to anything. I bought clear, waterproof ones with 2 different ways to attach. They’re available on Skyborne and work well. I’ve walked quite a distance away while leaving suitcase back in the apartment and it would notify me I was away and where it was last seen.

Ja Johnson
These are great to have!

We like the design and ease of using these. However, I wish that it didn’t alert others that an skytag mini is around you. That completely dismisses the safety feature.

Cindy Dowdy
Works as advertised.

Very easy to use and works as advertised when used within its range limit.

Kevin Gibson
Great invention

Finding lost objects like my keys or my cat have never been so easy

Dennis Bernal
Tag ur it

Works swell

Tiny, strong, smart. A waterproof tracker designed with a user-friendly app to locate the important things.


From your bag, to your passport, to your keys. Sky-tag® finds it with ease so you stay calm and collected.

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