Streamline Your Workflow With SmartFolio ® 3. What 0

Streamline Your Workflow With SmartFolio ® 3. What 0

With our fast paced environment and hectic schedule, we have all become accustomed to, new devices and products are constantly being designed, and optimized in different ways to make our daily activities simplified.

Here at SKYBORNE Inc. , we are passionate designers, engineers, and creators that absolutely love what we do, and will continue to put forth our best foot in bringing the masses innovative ways to make life on the go easier than ever. We take our inspiration from the great pioneers from the past. The Steve Jobs, Nikolai Tesla's to mention a few.

This is How Our Design Process Begins

At SKYBORNE Inc., we work to understand our customers as we understand ourselves. What do we have in common? What problems do we have, that others might as well?

Everything from our first sketches to our final product designs are all new concepts and ideas that have been brought to life by our professionals here at Skyborne inc. We make your life simpler, easier, more vibrant and more fulfilling.

Smart-folio 3.0 - The ultimate solution to streamline all your essentials into one mini notebook.

Tired of over stuffed pockets and everything from your pen, notebook, business cards, and headphones scattered? Your struggle is real. Our Smartfolio 3.0 is the solution to these very issues.

Our Smartfolio 3.0 is a versatile organizer that incorporates a number of unique features into one small notebook size device. It is a top pick for a digital note-taking pad. It is straightforward and easy to use, when paired with your smartphone via bluetooth, all your notes or sketches show up immediately in real time, where you can edit or adjust them.

This is a great way of organizing and storing your writing while still being able to jot down notes by hand. In addition, when not paired your SmartFolio stores everything you write internally so you can transfer, edit and organize it anytime, anywhere.

 Smart Pad

SmartFolio 3.0 completely transform the art of putting pen to paper. When it is time to digitize your important work on the go, you don’t need to worry about losing any of the detail. This smart notebook is perfect for those who like the idea of the Smart Pad but prefer something a bit more protected and professional. Smart-folio 3.0 gives you extra space to store cards, notes, and other items.

Unleash your mind and narrow your focus for a more effective workflow & a more efficient you. The ultimate solution to streamline all your essentials into one mini notebook, which also features Qi charging pad on the cover and over 10+ features. 

Smart Pad 2.0

With all their fine attributes, let’s not forget that our well-designed SmartFolio can also save paper and trees while letting you write in style. The stainless steel pen fits snugly in your hand. All you have to think about is what you will create with it.

Smartfolio 2.0 is ultra slim, lightweight, easy to carry, store and made of leathers range from important italian NAPPA, to Vegan Oak, and Carbon Fiber material – a premium travel organizer that is both functional and suitable for a minimalist lifestyle.

Buy Smart Pad Online

We have spent years refining our custom leathers that are tailored to Skyborne's considered designs. Leather offers you strength, durability and resilience, while shaping effortlessly to your needs. To ensure each piece is slim, durable, and a delight to use, we run a magnifying glass over the tiniest of design details.

Before you embark on your next travel or plan your dream holiday, don’t forget to get organized early on.

Award-winning SmartFolio 3

Super-compact and slim design - The Smart-Pad 2.0 is the evolution & modern take on the traditional notebook. We design award-winning tools to streamline your life. The result of fine-tuning and refining existing features from our first-gen Smart-folio, combined with new design solutions that improve usability & workflow. The design stands out to anticipate and cater to the users' behavior and workflow patterns. Contact us today to know more about our exceptional Smart-folio 3. 


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