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Award winning designs, made with premium materials. Discover why Skyborne is the premiere choice for the jet setters of the world...

Speedster³ set

CHF 444.00

Color: Carbon Stealth Set

Three piece co-existing system designed for speed and comfort.  Features Trek-Pack MINI, iTravel MINI, and Trigger PRO wallet in stealth black

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CHF 346.00

Color: Obsidian Stealth Black

A modern nomads ultimate hybrid bag designed with 20+ features, & comes loaded with a detachable DOPP kit

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CHF 150.00

Title: Default Title

Hyper functional premium sling designed with anti theft features and thoughtful slots for wallets, passports, keys, walkers & more

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Newly released!

CHF 196.00

Title: Default Title

Ergonomic comfort fit, charged devices on the go via USB, anti theft hidden passport slot, key clip & mag latch buckle 

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iTravel® Folio 4.0

CHF 241.00

Color: Sunburst Italian Calf Leather

Dual passport slots, inner RFID wallet, stainless pen, fits foreign banknotes and features a built-in Qi power bank 

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iTravel®: MINI

CHF 116.00

Color: Carbon Fiber Stealth

Magnetic pull-tab, pocket sized, fits passport, micro pen, is wearable and fits Airtag/Skytag

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iTravel MINI Set

CHF 176.00

Color: Golden Brown Set

This minimalist passport multi-set is designed for peace of mind, hands-free travels from departure - arrival 

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Slinger²: Triplex set

CHF 432.00

Title: Default Title

Co-existing three piece stealth set.  Fits a passport, wallet, keys, pet walker, water bottle & more

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New release!
MINI Umbrella

CHF 44.00

Title: Default Title

Pocket-sized umbrella extends and fits into Skyborne bags & slings.

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2-In-1 Design
Trigger® wallet: PLUS+

CHF 156.00

Color: Carbon Fiber Stealth Black

Trifold 2-In-1 design with modular inner trigger card holder designed to fit up to 15+ cards, bank notes & is GPS track-able 

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Slinger X Umbrella Set

CHF 166.00

Title: Default Title

The co-existing duo set keeps you ready for the journey's high & dry 

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Trigger® wallet: LITE

CHF 111.00

Color: Golden Brown Calf Leather

Ultra slim wallet fits 8-10 cards, instant access, RFID protected 

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CHF 44.00

CHF 61.00

Color: B-52 Carbon Fiber Stealth
Size: AirShell for 1st gen Airpods

Military grade 4K carbon fiber protector case for Airpods

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Minimal designs. Maximum function.

A successful journey is more likely when you're prepared. Feeling together, and sure of yourself allows you to be in the moment and not worry. At Skyborne, our unique designs elevate your carry keep you focused on the destinatio.