"The best travel wallet with charging" | Travel & Leisure magazine

"The best travel wallet with charging" | Travel & Leisure magazine

Our iTravel Folio 4® has just been called one of "The best" among the top 10.  

When we first set out designing the iTravel Folio, it was our dream to be featured on the Travel & Leisure website.  Today is the day that has come true.  This organizational passport carrier was born out of real necessity. 

 Having to juggle several items at the airports really makes the process a drag.  This is when we had the idea to create an all-in-one mini organizer that could hold everything that would otherwise be stuffed into your pockets.  

Some of the features we built-in the wallet are as follows:

  • 7000Mah Wireless charging 
  • Magnetic pen latch
  • Steel pen for customs forms 
  • Dual passport slots 
  • AirTag holder (So you never lose your passport!)
  • Hidden sleeve for passes, and travel docs
  • Zipper pouch for foreign bills and coins 
  • Italian calf leather inside and out 
  • RFID card slots 
  • SD & Micro SD memory card slots 
  • Smooth YYK zippers 


 This features took us years to perfect into one seamless design.  But it worked, and worked great.  Here at Skyborne, we all carry one for our travels which has created a much more simple way to carry while preparing for an upcoming trip. 

Skyborne - Travel & Leisure


"This is the ideal phone purse crafted with travel in mind. Boasting both a built-in 8000 mAh power bank and a wireless charging pad, the Skyborne has enough power for up to three full charges, so you’ll never be stranded with a dead phone. Plus, this purse has room for it all — earbuds, luggage receipts, cash, coins, two passports, a pen, you name it. If you’re a frequent business traveler, or even if you simply like to keep your things extremely organized, the Skyborne is for you."
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