Travelling can get messy. Stuffed pockets and heavy baggage can deter focus, and weigh you down. Skyborne's designs streamline the way you carry, breeding a more efficient way to carry yourself.

    Smart-Pack®: PLUS+ - SKYBORNE
    Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
    An innovative hybrid travel pack
    iTravel®: MINI - SKYBORNE
    iTravel®: MINI

    Trackable passport holder with pull-tab

    Save $20
    Smart-Folio 3.0 - SKYBORNE
    Smart-Folio 3.0
    Regular price $277.00 Sale price $257.00

    Multi-functional workstation W/built-in Qi charging

    Save $22
    iTravel®: Folio 3.0 - SKYBORNE
    iTravel®: Folio 3.0
    Regular price $189.00 Sale price $167.00

    Dual passport mini folio W/built-in Qi charging

    Trigger®: PLUS+ - SKYBORNE
    Trigger®: PLUS+
    from $174.60

    Smart trifold wallet with trigger card access + GPS track-able

    Magno-Clip - SKYBORNE

    2-In-1 Premium mobile protection + trifold wallet

    A more efficient 2023,

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    Smart-Pack®: PLUS+

    Re-discover travel

    At Skyborne, we’re here to help you feel unified with life's travels, perfecting the journeys and experiences you have there.

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