Make Your Travel Safe & Easy with iTravel Wallet 2.0

Make Your Travel Safe & Easy with iTravel Wallet 2.0

At SKYBORNE Inc. , we design award-winning tools to de-clutter your life and narrow your focus. From the Nikola Teslas, to the Elon musk's and Steve Jobs, these visionaries are a direct source of our inspiration.

Our team of passionate designers, engineers, and creators, designs products that make a positive impact in other peoples lives by streamlining their day to day lifestyles. We love what we do, and will continue to put forth our best foot in bringing the masses innovative ways to make your life on the go simpler than ever.

Here is Our Design Process


At SKYBORNE Inc. , we understand our customers as we understand ourselves We are you, and you are us. We test each and every one of our prototypes in field, before putting it into production. We check everything in terms of functionality, practicality design, and quality.


Travel Light with the iTravel Wallet 2.0


Even with mobile payments taking off, most of us still carry credit cards, ID, and sometimes even cash around with us. The best way to keep all those things together is to use a wallet.

The folded leather wallet for cards and cash has seen something of a reinvention of late, with a new wave of smart wallets hitting the market. Making airports less hectic for travelers all over the world, our super slim iTravel Wallet 2.0 is solely designed to streamline your travel experience. Everything one would need before boarding, streamlined into one folio.

No more hectic travel experiences, unorganized trips, or dead cellphones. Our iTravel Wallet 2.0 is the perfect solution to a common problem for all travelers. Keeping all your travel essentials in one place is the key when traveling.

When you need to carry cash, credit cards, and ID, a wallet is one of the best ways to do it, but there is risk of theft or loss, so consider a smart wallet. You may be wondering why you need your wallet to be smart. Well, what happens when your wallet goes missing? Many smart wallets offer tracking capabilities, so you can get a warning if you leave it behind and track its location on a map on your phone. Another common feature is protection from RFID skimming to prevent criminals from stealing card information.

Thoughtfully designed with 15+ features, our Smart Wallet comes with the stainless pen so no more need to borrow a pen when its time to fill out those customs documents upon arrival. The iTravel Wallet features a built-in 5000Mah Qi wireless charging power-bank, that will keep you charged anywhere you go, and is compatible with any smartphone.

Smart Wallet

Our smart wallet with top quality brass zippers allows you to present your passport worry-free. Secure slots for your passport and boarding pass, make it super easy to present when its time to board. Our smart wallet is designed to hold what you need, while keeping your pockets trim and tailored.

Our smart wallet designs also allow for quick card removal, special compartments, and other extras. Our innovative iTravel Wallet 2.0 combines quick access to cards, location tracking capability, and RFID protection, hidden sleeve for your foreign notes, boarding pass, or customs documents in a stylish leather finish.

For your everyday carry, no other material compares to leather. It has strength, durability and resilience. Not only does leather stand the test of time, it gets better with time. To ensure each piece is slim, strong, and safe to use, we run a magnifying glass over the tiniest of design details.


Minimalist Compact Design iTravel Wallet 2.0


When you want to travel light, the iTravel Wallet 2.0 is your perfect companion. For everyday use, most of us don't need a heavy wallet. If you prefer something slim and minimal, our iTravel Wallet 2.0 is perfect. Pairing functionality, with practicality, our smart wallet works seamlessly out of the box. Contact us today to know more about our premium iTravel Wallet 2.0.

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