Our story

Our name is inspired by those who never settle for less. Always on the go, constantly "Skyborne" in pursuit for their version of success. City to sky.


Jet setter – Travel expert, blogger, jet-setter and bon vivant, who travels around the world discovering what's new and cool about luxury travel and hospitality...

our design

Sophisticated simplicity

We value user-friendly design, and we believe that a well made product, premium backpack doesn’t need to look too outlandish or over the top – it should simply function for modern day standards. In today’s ever charging society of throwaway consumerism and low quality tech trends, we design our pieces to be timeless classics, with an understated homage to the classic mountaineering silhouette, and innovative functionality that propel our packing, lasting a lifetime of journey's.

our quality
Forever with you

Our motto is so buy less of higher quality items, and reap the fruits all life long. That's why every square inch of a Skyborne product is meticulously designed to be a delight to use, over and over again. We sourced world class materials of the highest caliber from Canada, Japan, regions in Switzerland and other world renown placed that meet our high standards and bring them together in a symphony of mastery in the production process.

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our model
Fairly priced

We strive to grant privilege to everyone to be able to own a Skyborne bag, as best we can while not cutting corners on our premium quality. Other competitors like TUMI's bags start at $1400 USD-$2300 USD, using similar if not identically sourced materials as we do here at Skyborne, but because we sell directly to you, we can offer our backpacks for a fraction of the price.

our team
Customers Before Profits

We dearly value every Skyborne customer, and cherish being the go-to for their travel gear. We now have customers raining in from virtually every corner of the globe. We believe that authenticity and transparency towards our customers is vital, and the joy of a satisfied customer means more than just the sale. Knowing the Skyborne will be with them from daily walks, to city escapades, and 1000 miles high is what gets us going.

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