Travel Made Easy with the iTravel Wallet 2.0

Travel Made Easy with the iTravel Wallet 2.0

Ah, Our first love.   The iTravel Wallet 2.0, now a much more refined version of our very first product design idea that started it all at Skyborne.

We created the ultimate travel wallet, to end the madness that is airports and hectic customs checks before going 1000 miles high.  Organized, charged, and focused on the destination.

Smart Wallet for Men

Our Design Process

At SKYBORNE Inc., we work to understand our customers as we understand ourselves. We check everything in terms of functionality, practicality design, and quality. Everything from our first sketches to our final product designs are all new concepts and ideas that have been brought to life by our professionals here at Skyborne inc.

Smart Wallet

Travel Safely with the iTravel Wallet 2.0

Whether you are a novice traveller or an expert, a travel wallet is a necessity. When people travel, the first thing that usually comes to mind is convenience. It is quite common to see people packing as lightly as possible and bringing only essential items. That way, they aren’t bogged down by bulky luggage that is an absolute pain to drag through airports and accommodations.

Having space for passports and cards is standard, but not all travel document holders have space for your keys, pens, and cash. As long as you have your passport and some money, you can travel pretty much anywhere in the world, so it is very important to make sure those things are protected.

Keep your money and cards safe with the help of an amazing technology – Smart Wallets. Streamline your travel experience with our super slim iTravel Wallet 2.0. Our smart wallets ensure safety of your cash and cards while providing you a convenient place to store them. Our versatile smart wallets not only keep your money and cards safe, but also work as an anti-theft device.

Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet for Men

Few things can ruin a vacation quicker than your things getting stolen. Our RFID-equipped Smart Wallet for Men helps protect you against electronic pickpocketing, where someone can steal your personal information from your credit cards, passport, etc. without even having to touch you.

Our smart Travel Wallet carries everything you need to travel simply and safely. It has space for all of your essentials, so you no longer need to hide things in your carry bag or in your travel backpack. Our innovative smart wallet designs also allow for quick card removal, special compartments, and other extras.

Our premium iTravel Wallet 2.0 combines quick access to cards, location tracking capability, and RFID protection, hidden sleeve for your foreign notes, boarding pass, or customs documents in a gold certified leather finish.

Men Travel Wallet

The iTravel Wallet features a built-in 5000Mah Qi wireless charging power-bank that will keep you charged anywhere you go, and is compatible with any smartphone. The minimalist design easily fits in the front pocket of your travel pants, so no matter where you are in the world, you won’t have to worry about constantly checking your back pocket. Designed with 15+ features, our Smart Wallet comes with the stainless pen so no longer need to borrow a pen when it’s time to fill out those important customs documents upon arrival.

Minimalist & Slim

The smart travel wallet fits everything you need whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business. Our sleek iTravel Wallet 2.0 will fit discreetly in your front pocket so you can be confident your passport, boarding pass, money, etc. are never far away. Contact us today to know more about our superior iTravel Wallet 2.0.

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