TRIGGER® - The Quickest Way to Pay

TRIGGER® - The Quickest Way to Pay

A wallet houses your means to pay, your identity, it’s an extension of you and is one of the most important & purposeful accessory’s a man or woman can carry. At Skyborne, we believe the way you pay, should be graceful, short & sweet.

Pop-up Wallet

Since the dawn of time and the existence of wallets, mankind has been doing it all wrong. The entire process of struggling to find the right card to pay for an item due to our overstuffed, bursting from the seams dad wallets are gone.

Pop-up Wallet Online

We set out our mission at Skyborne for this wallet we would go on to design. To retrieve your payment method in a timely manner within seconds, as to avoid the struggles of fumbling for the right card as the line builds up behind you at the cash. Our core Skyborne customers are citizens who value their time, who are well put together & kept. To look the part, we made it easy to play the part with the Trigger Smart Wallet.

O u r  D e s i g n  P r o c e s s

It always starts from creating a solution to a problem for us. Our team gets together inside the board room at our office, and we discuss how we can better our customer’s lives through creating better ways to do things.

Pop-up Wallet

After a brainstorming session which consists of lots of notetaking and refining our best and brightest design ideas and usability techniques, we get to the drawing board and begin sketching blue prints and mock-up designs to that we send over to our team in Alaska for sourcing materials, and creating the moulds and first prototypes.

The Trigger® wallet features a patented internal plated system which we designed in a very thoughtful way. Each individual card that’s housed within the Triggers chamber is impossible for it to fall out, even if only 1 single card is inside of it. This is thanks to the internal extendable design which will hold the card in place, even when its upside down and forcefully shaken.

Q u i c k A c c e s s

A wallet is a necessity, and something you don’t want to be without. But that doesn’t mean you want to carry half your life around in it. Wallet styles have changed, compact wallets for men are now much more preferred than their bulky predecessors to fit into our fitted clothing and keep our profiles minimal.

Trigger Wallet

Our pop-up Trigger ® wallet is compact enough to fit all pockets. The main chamber fits up to 6 of your primary cards + a slot in the front for additional 1-3 cards. Pop-up wallets make it easy and painless for you to access your cards on the go especially if you've got more than a couple.

Its design allows you to have quick access to your cards while still providing that all-important RFID protection.

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D u r a b i l i t y

Indestructible military-grade aluminium steel base ensures maximum durability. Our minimalist wallet for men blocks RFID to keep your identity safe when you are shopping, travelling or working outside.

Trigger Wallet

Each individual wallet is hand detailed to achieve optimal aesthetic, and longevity. Enjoy the ultimate convenience of functionality and style with our pride & joy, Trigger ® Wallet.

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