Trigger® PLUS+ Set

187.00 CHF

231.00 CHF

Color: Carbon Stealth Black
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Trigger® PLUS+ Set

In Stock

Guaranteed for life

Every one of our bags & wallets comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

100 days to try

Try it out for 100 days. If you don’t love it, send it back. Learn more.

Free shipping

We’ll cover shipping on all orders to the contiguous US and Canada.

Packed with function

Best of both worlds

Minimalism, and maximalist lovers unite. Magnetically snap off your card holder for daily use, and snap it back onto its base for travels.

Expert craftmanship

Our hand finished smart wallets are made of gold rated leathers, premium materials, hand detailed to perfection.

See it in action

Watch all the Trigger+ in all it's glory a la stop motion.

Behind the design

"The Trigger+ took our brightest and best at the Skyborne lab to complete. A symphony of magnets, tech & components went into this modular beauty."



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