The NBA basketballer and Australian Olympic medallist lives in Brooklyn, and can be found on court most days of the year. At Bellroy, we are inspired by Patty’s work ethic, resilience and ability to stay grounded while on the move. Not to mention some serious carry prowess he’s gained from living out of his bags for much of the year!

A partnership based on shared values

We connected with Patty on our Australian heritage, global perspectives, and shared desire to use our success for good. We also see our culture reflected in the way Patty balances grit, discipline, humor and humble leadership.

Using his success for good

Making the most of the pandemic’s enforced downtime, Patty set up Indigenous Basketball Australia, “to overcome barriers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face in Australian basketball and create pathways at the grassroots level”; and the Team Mills Foundation to support communities around the world. We hope to support Patty’s philanthropic efforts into the future.

Patty loves a Bellroy sling

Patty gifted his Olympic teammates a Bellroy Sling filled with goodies to help make their journey to Tokyo a little more seamless. And has since been seen with the Lite Sling attached to his chest on more than one occasion.

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