Our Story

As people who travel, and are constantly moving from place to place, we had a vision. 

The founders of SKYBORNE, and many people from the team have worked in the corporate world for years, with one other commonality. We travel, commute, and are constantly on the go.  


With the ever changing landscape of the modern world, everything is becoming more hectic, and sophisticated. Everything is changing more rapidly than ever with new innovations and new ways.

We now have fully electric super cars, solar powered cities and are on route to going to colonizing Mars.  Why cant accessories also become streamlined to keep up with our changing lives?  This question essentially, was the the start of our company,  SKYBORNE Inc. A company that will create and design innovative backpacks, wallets, notepads, and accessories tailor made for life on the move. Pairing functionality, with practicality, and topping it off with quality made goods. 




From the Nikola Teslas, to the Elon musk's and Steve Jobs, these visionaries are a direct source of inspiration. We want to create items that have detailed quality, and combine new innovations never before seen. From smart wallets, to backpacks, so messenger bags that are solely designed with simplicity meets tech in mind. 


Skyborne Office


Who are we at our core?

A collective team of designers, engineers, and creators, making products that make a positive impact in other peoples lives by streamlining their day to day lifestyles. We are you, and you are us. We test each and every one of our prototypes in field, before putting it into production. Everything needs to check out in terms of functionality, practicality design, and quality. 



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