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Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Brandon Romanchuk
Absolutely stacked 10/10

If you live an on-the-go lifestyle, this backpack is for you. You’ll never buy another bag again. It is absolutely jacked up with all sorts of features to handle anything a busy day can throw at you. The materials feel high-end inside and out, and attention to detail is prevalent throughout its finer details. Some awesome Canadian innovation here, great work. Cant wait to take this bad boy on the road with me!

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Aaron Radcliffe
Classic meets future design!

Had the pleasure of reviewing Skyborne's Smart-pack PLUS+, and its overall design is truly awesome and super purposeful for travelers. Highly recommended

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Stefanie Gomez
Built like a tank!

As a small framed girl (5'1) I thought this bag may be a bit too big for me when I first considered it as my go to for travel. I was wrong! Its so comfortable, the back padding and straps really take a lot of the weight and pressure off you even when the bag is packed full. The entire backpack is built like an armored tank, its so so durable, leak proof zippers, water proof nylon, and so on. I have never felt a backpack that feels as premium as this, as I can just tell based off the super smooth zippers, that it will last me a lifetime of use. I have taken it to my on my trip to Alberta, Madiera, and the Swizterland, and its all I have ever needed while exploring around after I have left my Air B & B's/Hotels.

I think whats also very undderstated is that this is truly an ALL around bag. I use it every day on my daily commutes, as its anti-theft protected laptop sleeve allows me to feel safe while keeping my tech protected. The zipper pockets located on the straps are so convenience for my Airpods as well.

I give this a 9.8/10 and not a 10 as I originally wanted the Forrest Green edition :( Which I was told by a Skyborne rep will be released in 2023.

All in all, awesome design, great quality, and a great size.

I would definitely recommend this backpack to travellers and commuters alike.

Loving my SmartPack!

As a pro NFL athlete, I travel often. I own the original SmartPack and this bag is so dope! Love the design, it has a place for everything I need and keeps my connected.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Dave Mather
Great travel bag (one little drawback)

I've used roller bags for my computer and a single change of clothes before trying this bag. I love the sophisticated look (befitting a road warrior) and the capacity is much greater than you'd expect...with plenty of pockets everywhere. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the magnetic snaps, but they have stayed consistently fastened. The only drawback is the front loaded toiletries kit. When filled, it often gets bumped off of the connectors and is simply held by the (difficult to fasten/unfasten) leather strap. I took it off and stowed it inside, which leaves the two fasteners visible on an otherwise beautiful bag. It's not enough to lower the rating...if 4.5 stars had been an option, I would have selected that. I am very happy with the purchase - if there's a future iteration, I'd work on the single item listed, but I would not let that keep you from purchasing the bag.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Aaron Nomad
Amazing americana design

I was gifted this backpack from the team at Skyborne. I have reviewed many backpacks as a Youtube reviewer, and this is pristine is its design, materials, and function. I absolutely love it, and would highly recommend this bag not only for travellers, but just using it as a daily bag. If I would nitpick at anything, it would be not getting to choose from color options, although I do understand Skyborne is a start-up. 9.8/10 YouTube video placeholder
Small defect

When I received my portfolio, I pushed the button to open the port area, and when I went to plug it in, the ports moved into the backing. Now when I pop it open, the ports are not accessible.


It was a gift. He was very happy with product

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Alan Aucoin
Comfortable and Great Storage

I used this backpack to use as a carry on bag for some recent trips. It works great, its comfortable, and it held everything I needed it to with extra space still available!

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Maria Berryman
Looks good, well made, and contains many useful compartments.

A very good backpack, I like the look and it’s lasted me over a year so far with no issues. Every other backpack I’ve had, I’ve had issues with zippers breaking or getting caught which hasn’t been an issue with this one ever. Somewhat small but still fits a lot of things, never had an issue with needing more space. The laptop compartment is too small for my laptop but I think nowadays most people have smaller laptops than the older one I have. Made to last.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Floyd Gomez
Perfect on the go bag!

This bag is great for just carrying your daily needed items and the side holsters are perfect for my thermos. The padded laptop pouch is an added plus as well!

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Rebecca Neal
Very spacious

I’m using it as a travel bag for all my toddler items. It’s very spacious and well made from I can see. A lot of storage and compartments. I love the opening of the backpack where you can see everything. It’s a very nice blue. I can’t wait to use it.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Charles Tyree
Worth every penny

Lots of pockets, compartments, and light weight.

Great cost efficient office backpack

Love the backpack, has plenty of room for my office away from work. The padding and fit is great. The zippers have to be zipped otherwise weight wise stuff will be lost and is not easily transportable without being zipped. Overall happy with purchase!

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Cathy Newhall
Love this backpack

I'm a network admin and travel alot from site to site so I need a good case for my laptop but needed something that could also handle tools and paperwork. This backpack for the bill and has really been a great buy.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Linda Matteo
Such an unexpectedly great backpack! Love it.

I am very impressed with this backpack. I’ve been searching for some time to find a bag that is professional enough for the work environment. But has enough pockets and features of a traditional school bag. This has it all. Really great storage, surprising amount of pockets, welcome extras like the keychain hook, pocket in the back and charger port. Also...the mesh cup holders on the side are actually big and secure enough for a real water bottle. Fabulous padding so it’s comfortable to wear. Not too bulky for me, as an average sized woman. And, it’s really nice looking and seems to be of good quality. Not to mention quite affordable. SO pleased!!

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Laurence Douglas
Good quality. Useful pockets. Would buy again

Great size. Nice neutral color. Good material. Lots of useful compartments. I love the hidden cellphone pocket. My middle schooler can hide his money and charge his phone walking between classes without risk of theft by students or confiscation by teachers

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Zoe Mansfield
Has it all and more...But

I was looking for a backpack with several specific features and willing to pay up to $200. Then I found this one for under $40. It is built sturdy, has 5 external zippered compartments, 2 mesh bottle holders, one on each side, a sturdy handle and a solid hook loop for hanging on a coat hook. There is a concealed zippered pouch in the back padding, a strong loop to hang it on a suitcase handle, and adjustable shoulder straps. Inside the liner is stitched well and it has several storage pouches, a couple of mesh pockets, pen holders, and a great space for my surface pro computer with its hard case, in a carry pouch. There are three things I would like to see to make it perfect. 1. Needs a place to store the shoulder straps so they don't flap around, 2. A wider strap to hold it on a suitcase handle, and 3. the built in USB port will not charge my iPhone but it will charge my Apple watch. This backpack is very durable and has been on several trips and 6 plane flights with no issues.

Holds up real good

I purchased this bag for work and I like that it is not super bulky. There are lots of compartments to carry what you need without feeling like you are carrying a mountain load on your back.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Penny Anderson
Plenty of space

I love the space

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Robert Boatner
Multifunctional and stylish

Love the style of this backpack. It has a lot of pockets for carrying different items. I started using as a diaper bag but will also use for when I travel. Found it to be easy to carry a x multifunctional with all the different items I can carry inside for me and my toddler. Plus it looked cute on.

My daughter loves this

Bought as a gift for my daughter. She absolutely loves it. Perfect size vs the larger backpacks out there.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Bonnie Wakeland
Best Back Pack!

Best back pack I ever have. Better than expensive back pack out there

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Russell Pegues
Wish I bought this sooner. Awesome bag for the $.

Perfect size bag, zippers are really smooth closing. Can fit lunch, book, and full size Manila folders with ease.

Smart-Pack®: PLUS+
Mark Vinson

Good.Comfortable, Good enough capacity, separate pockets for everything makes it easy to organize.