Our top gift picks

Our top gift picks


Michael buble and all the classic holiday tunes are starting to chime over shopping center speakers and we’re all claiming disbelief that it is, indeed, that time of year again. That time when you start planning your gratitude to those who have helped (and loved) you throughout the year.

Before you despair (and block your ears), we’re here to help. Here you’ll find the top tips from some of our team, to help you delight the special ones in your life.


SmartFolio 3  


The crowd favorite: The SmartFolio 3®

“The new SmartFolio is a great gift for dads, work-a-holics, and those looking for a re-vitalized, organized workflow in 2023, as it's incredibly functional. I use it when I’m working from home or looking for a patio/cafe to get work done, and having that extra battery life built-into the folio is perfect for keeping connected when answering emails, or calls.  But I also carry it when escaping from the office (i.e. going on holiday/work trips), as it helps me float through the airport with my notes, pen, and pop-up stand to watch movies mid-flight right there, without any worrisome thoughts of missing work.”

– Eric, Head of People and Culture



SmartPack Plus Skyborne SmartPack PLUS+


The treat: SmartPack® PLUS+ (and a free DOPP Kitt)

“If I want to really treat them, I go the SmartPack®: PLUS+ free dopp Kitt. To me, it's the essence of an all-purpose backpack, with the innovation factor turned up to 11. And with almost every gift, I like getting the best bang for my buck, in this case a free Dopp Kitt (Travel sized hang-able washroom bag) with every bag. You can never have too many places to store things, and the elegance of the magnetically dis-connecting Dopp kitt is often only truly appreciated after about 100 days of use, when you've had a chance to understand why every stitch and curve is exactly the way it is.”

– Farouq, Founder and CEO


 Trigger lite


The everyday duo: Trigger® LITE card holder and SkyTag®: SLIM (Wallet finder)

“Salt & pepper. P & J. Trigger: LITE and SkyTag: SLIM. I’ve tested most of the Skyborne range (over the years), and these two make the perfect entry level pair. The Trigger LITE is my go-to for my daily payment needs with instant access – credit cards, rewards card, license and even some emergency cash tucked behind the inside the backside slot. And the SkyTag SLIM wallet finder makes a humble sidekick that notifies you when you have left your wallet behind or cannot find it in the morning.”

 Sammy, Creative Director

iTravel Folio 3

The no-brainer for travels: iTravel Folio 3.0®

“The iTravel Folio 3.0 is like gifting someone a very useful travel buddy. I think it's the ultimate travel companion and makes every layover, customs line and departure lounge a breeze. The built-in wireless power-bank, and its ability to fit the SkyTag MINI tracker so you never lose your passport has saved me so many times!”




The best stocking stuffer: SkyTag MINI

“One of my all-time favorites is the SkyTag MINI. I used to be very good at losing keys, wallets, etc. but since I started carrying the SkyTag every day, I have no more hopeless lost stories to tell.  It can track everything from your luggage to your passport, to and can even tie onto your pet's color!  I have given it to many friends and family as gifts, so they can think of me when they use find their important items (which is every single day)".

– Mark, Digital Designer and Canadian Copywriter

– Ryan, traveling Account Manager


  iTravel MINI Skyborne   iTravel MINI

The one for everyone: iTravel MINI®

“It has to be the iTravel MINI. I have given an iTravel MINI to everyone including myself! My mum, my brother-in-law, my partner. Everybody needs one. It’s essential for traveling, but I also use mine with the SkyTag MINI tracker, as it brings me total peace of mind when I have a trip coming up.  The pull-tab gives me quick access to my passport to present before boarding, and the detachable necklace makes for a hands-free airport expierence.  Oh, and the mini pen is clutch for those customs forms!  It’s a favorite of mine and a bit of an unsung hero.”

– Jessica, Production Helper


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