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Code of Conduct

We want life to be more efficient for people because of of Skyborne, and we believe we can get here. Our mission statement: Streamline your carry. Use business as a force for good. Inspire travel.

We are cautious when it comes to our supplier code of conduct policy which ensures that Skyborne's suppliers enforce safe working conditions, that their workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that their manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.

The provisions as set out in this Code of Conduct provide the minimum standards expected of our suppliers. We expect they will meet all national and international laws as part of their operations and strive to meet industry best practices. We recognize that reaching some of the standards established in this Code of Conduct is an ongoing rather than static process. We commit to working with our suppliers to improve their practices as global benchmarks improve.

The supplier must communicate this Code to all its employees in their native language(s), train employees on their rights and obligations as defined by this Code, and ensure the compliance of any subcontractors who do work for Skyborne on an ongoing basis.

Voluntary Employment

All work must be voluntary. Regardless of local laws, our suppliers must not use forced labour, including prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or other forms of forced labour. Employer control of identity documents is sometimes used to achieve effective indenture without formal indenture, so workers must be allowed to maintain control over their identity documents.

Child Labour

All local legal limitations on the employment of children below the age of 18 must be observed, especially the minimum age for working in hazardous activities.

Where children under the age of 15 are employed, hour restrictions should be put in place to allow school-based education to continue.

Non-Discrimination In Employment

All terms and conditions of employment including hiring, pay, training, promotion, termination, and retirement must be based on an individual's ability and willingness to do the job. Regardless of local laws, employees must not be subject to discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, political opinion, trade union affiliation, social or ethnic origin or any other status protected by country law.

Freedom of Association

Unless prohibited by local laws, suppliers must respect the right of its employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. This includes the right to peacefully form and join trade unions and other worker organizations of their own choosing without harassment, interference or retaliation.

Non-Tolerance of Harassment and Abuse

All employees must be treated with respect and dignity. Employees must not be subject to physical, sexual, verbal or psychological harassment or abuse by the supplier or by other employees.

Working Hours

We expect that, regardless of local laws or customs, total work hours in a week should not regularly exceed 60 hours. Any overtime should be agreed by the employee and must be paid.

A Safe Workplace

Suppliers must provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment, including reasonable access to potable water and sanitary facilities, adequate lighting and ventilation. Emergency exits on all floors must be clearly marked, well lit and unblocked all the way out of the building. Evacuation through emergency exits must always be possible during working hours. Everyone working on the premises must be regularly trained in how to act in case of fire or other emergency.

Suppliers shall also take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health, including providing necessary safety equipment and clothing on site, educating employees of the hazards of operating mechanical equipment and using chemicals, and offering safety training for new and current employees on a regular basis.


Suppliers must ensure that wages paid for a standard working period always satisfy, at the very least, any applicable minimum wage, and also comply with any wage negotiated in agreements with the worker. The wage must be sufficient to meet at least the basic needs of workers. Wages must be paid regularly, on time, and must reflect the experience, qualifications and performance of the worker.

Environmental Responsibility

Where relevant, suppliers should ensure that their manufacturing or other facility complies with environmental laws, including all laws related to waste disposal, air emissions, discharges, toxic substances and hazardous waste disposal. Suppliers must be able to validate that all input materials and components were obtained from permissible harvests consistent with international treaties and protocols in addition to local laws and regulations. If working with leather, suppliers must only use Gold LWG rated tanneries.