Travelling can get messy. Stuffed pockets and heavy baggage can deter focus, and weigh you down. Skyborne's designs streamline the way you carry, breeding a more efficient way to carry yourself.


    Our Collections

    Smart-Pack - SKYBORNE

     14-21” Laptop, tablet, notebook, shoes + clothing for a short trip, wireless strap pocket charging, TSA Lock. 

    Trigger®: PRO - SKYBORNE
    Trigger®: PRO

    7-12 credit cards or 10-14 business cards, 1-2 bills, trackable with Sky-tag

    Save $83
    Trigger PLUS+® - SKYBORNE
    Trigger PLUS+®
    Regular price $260.00 Sale price from $177.00

    Holds 10-15 cards, 5-9 banknotes, modular 2-In-1 design + trackable with Sky-Tag®

    Save $42
    iTravel MINI® - SKYBORNE
    iTravel MINI®
    Regular price $119.00 Sale price $77.00

    Passport, steel pen, boarding passes, 4 cards, detachable sling, trackable with Sky-Tag®

    Save $192
    Smart-Pack PLUS+® - SKYBORNE
    Smart-Pack PLUS+®
    Regular price $579.00 Sale price $387.00

    14-21” laptop, tablet, A4 notebook, keys, clothing & shoes for 3-5 day trip + Modular waterproof DOPP Kit

    Smart-Folio 2.0 - SKYBORNE
    Smart-Folio 2.0

    A5 notebook, steel pen, 4 cards, AirPods, built-in Qi cover charging

    iTravel Wallet 2.0 - SKYBORNE
    iTravel Wallet 2.0

    Built-in Qi charging, two passports, boarding passes, steel pen, 4 cards, foreign cash & coins 

    Save $31
    Hyde N' Keys® - SKYBORNE
    Hyde N' Keys®
    Regular price $90.00 Sale price $59.00

    3-6 keys + fits Skytag® tracker and attaches to FOB

    Trigger - SKYBORNE

    5-7 credit cards or 9-13 business cards.

    Save $13
    Sky-tag®MINI - SKYBORNE
    Regular price $70.00 Sale price $57.00

    Waterproof micro tracker locates valuables via GPS, features ultrasound & comes with app.

    Save $28
    Regular price $85.00 Sale price $57.00

    Razor slim tracker fits into most wallets and features ultra sound and a user-friendly locator app

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    Magno-Clip - SKYBORNE
    Regular price $109.00 Sale price $87.00

    Premium mobile protection + trifold wallet which doubles as a stand and holds 3-5 cards.  For iPhone 13, 13 Pro, & 13 Pro Max. 

    A more efficient you,

    At Skyborne, we’re here to help you feel unified with life's travels, perfecting the journeys and experiences you have there.