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Top-Secret Essentials of 2023

Plain eggs and toast. Stuck in rush hour commutes. Chipped away briefcase… Need I say more? For those who crave that egg’s benedict with caviar, flights, luxury luggage life... When you have high standards, you don’t want to just live average. But...


Everything you need to know about the Smart-Pack® PLUS+

Tips, tricks, and know-hows for the new Smart-Pack®PLUS+.  A bag for the modern world of today.  Your war on clutter begins here.


Our top gift picks

It's that time of the year.  Our top staff gift picks for the holiday season of giving, to help you plan your gratitude to those who have helped (and loved) you throughout the year.  Check out some of Team Skyborne's favorites for him and her!


Travel Made Easy with the iTravel Wallet 2.0

Ah, Our first love.   The iTravel Wallet 2.0, now a much more refined version of our very first product design idea that started it all at Skyborne. We created the...


TRIGGER® - The Quickest Way to Pay

A wallet houses your means to pay, your identity, it’s an extension of you and is one of the most important & purposeful accessory’s a man or woman can carry....


Transform Your Travel Experience with Smart Tra...

At SKYBORNE Inc. , we work to understand our customers as we understand ourselves. We make your life easier, more vibrant and more fulfilling. Our small hand picked crew professional...


Make Your Travel Safe & Easy with iTravel Walle...

At SKYBORNE Inc. , we design award-winning tools to de-clutter your life and narrow your focus. From the Nikola Teslas, to the Elon musk's and Steve Jobs, these visionaries are...


Streamline Your Workflow With SmartFolio ® 3. W...

Discover a smarter way to take down tasks, plan, and keep connected with the worlds first innovative folio designed to streamline your workflow.


Skyborne Revolution

Creating new innovative products, that will change the way we live. Our mission statement, is bold to say the least.   With our ever changing landscape, busy agendas, and fast...