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Design & Manufacturing

Where are Skyborne products designed?

The magic in our design process it its entirety happens in our Markham office in Canada, where we have a talented team of people from all over the world contributing. Our Skyborne HQ is equipped with a design lab that streamlines prototyping, allowing us to create new styles using 3D printing, laser cutting and other fun design toys. Occasionally our team works with external designers in places like the USA, or Japan to collaborate on special projects. This helps keep things fresh, with new ideas and techniques flowing through our HQ on a regular basis.

Where are Skyborne products made?

We’re committed to working with the most talented people we can find around the world, no matter where they’re from. Currently, makers in Canada, Japan, and The Philippines offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we’ve been able to source, so this is where all of our products come to life.

We recognize there can be concerns when manufacturing in these regions, so all of our major suppliers must comply with a Supplier Code of Conduct. We also work closely with each supplier to ensure staff are treated well and that environmental and social responsibilities are taken seriously. You can find some of our broader thoughts on Responsible Business here.

How will my purchase be packaged?

We have custom-made luxury boxes for every product which you can see in the final image on each product page.

How many cards do the products fit?

For each Skyborne style, we let you know the number of cards it can hold on the product page. This is always a range and is included in the features list located just under ‘Add to Cart’. You can see we recommend 4–11 cards for our Trigger LITE, for example.