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Are all the Trigger mechanisms the same?

No. Every Trigger wallet within our range features a different ejection system than than others. An example would be the Trigger LITE, vs. the Trigger PLUS+. The Lite being more for the minimalist, the PLUS+ being more for the maximalist. The button on the LITE is smaller, and its mechanism is more robust, while the PLUS+ features a larger, more smooth ejection system. Essentially, the more features you want (e.g. access to lots of cards with equal priority), the more storage space you'll need to accommodate that. Check out Smarten Your Wallet and find out which wallet is best you.

Are Skyborne wallets the slimmest?

No. We do not have the slimmest wallets available as for us, it's not about slim and unfunctional, but as slim as possible while giving the most function. What we offer is innovation that is as slim as we can get it without compromising on intelligent design features, premium materials, and functional in everyday use.

Are Skyborne products RFID protected?

With rising identity theft, we use RFID skimming can happen in certain circumstances, so we’ve made our Trigger PLUS+Trigger: LITE and iTravel MINI RFID secure. Please let us know if we should consider the technology for other Skyborne products by emailing us

What is RFID Protection?

RFID-blocking wallets are designed to help protect you from a specific type of theft, called RFID skimming – which is where information from high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID-based credit cards, passports and transport passes are read and duplicated. RFID skimming is not common, but it can happen in certain cases.